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Vision and Value was created over a decade ago in Nepal. Our vision was and still is to this day, to provide an efficient and professional ethical experience not just for our clients but also to the staff we provide. Vision provides thousands of staff across the globe every year to our valued partners. At Vision we always deliver by following in our simple policy, when it comes to our clients, we Listen – Plan – Recruit & Deliver

Permanent Job Placement
VISION & VALUE with its grand vision i.e. to channelize the right skills in the right sector has improved the living standard of thousands of Nepalese people and in doing so we ourselves have become a huge success in the recruiting industry. And we’d like to carry on with the same enthusiasm in the days to come adding more value to the vision that we already have.

Internship Placement
VISION & Vision and Value has ties with some well renowned academies in Nepal and has been providing internship programs to around 900 well trained students on a yearly basis. The same students are then absorbed by the concerned companies in various positions which is actually a win situation for all.

Ethical Recruitment

Our clients and Candidates will always have the comfort at Vision we operate in an ethical fashion, this is something we take great pride in. The cornerstone of our operations is simple, we follow the below practices:

Integrity and transparency
Jobseekers and hiring organizations know exactly where they stand during the process. As an ethical recruiter we are the conduit for a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship between the client and the candidate, which means Vision sees past the process of merely filling a role. We make the effort to really understand what both sides need and take whatever time is necessary to match the right person to the right job opportunity. As an ethical recruiter we understands the need to share relevant information honestly with both parties in the process. Many recruiters make the distinction between clients and candidates; however, the level of transparency required for both is exactly the same. This means the client will have a clear picture of any applicant being put in front of them and the candidate will in turn have all the facts required to make a decision as to whether to apply for the role. Job descriptions are always accurate and factors that might deter applicants from applying are made clear at the start. Examples include when a role requires working unsociable hours or involves a level of personal risk.

Fairness and equality
Vision will always consider all candidates equally. Obviously this means not discriminating on grounds such as gender, sexual orientation, disability, age or religion; in addition, even subtle acts of discrimination such as being swayed by a charming personality rather than the ability to do the job should be avoided during the screening process. Candidates must also be treated with respect at all stages and the recruiter must not let personal beliefs affect the way in which they handle the selection process.

Confidentiality and information sharing
Candidates, wherever possible, are always met face to face before being presented to the hiring organization. Video are used when this is not possible. In all cases, documentation such as proof of the right to work in the country, qualifications and certifications are properly checked. Vision makes sure that relevant information during the hiring process flows both ways. Both candidate and client always have a clear picture of one another and feedback is passed on accurately. Conversely, confidential is never be shared without permission

Why V&V is different in our ethical and innovative Sourcing Process ?

V&V take strenuous efforts to avoiding any agents or subagents that involve in our recruitment process. Despite Nepal’s law mandating advertisement of demand letters, we seek to priories direct hiring of workers from villages/ job fair and through our own portal. We strongly believe 3rd party support in the form of counselling and through use of a hotline can help to prevent workers falling victim to subagent and brokers. We follow below six strategies for sourcing:

  1.  V&V Data Bank
  2.  Walk in Applications
  3.  Social Media Adverts
  4.  Advertisement in National newspaper, radio & TV
  5.  Direct Recruitment from Village or job fairs
  6.  Referrals process with checks

3rd Party counselling: we are doing third party counselling of candidates
first to explain to them what activities V&V Nepal will undertake to do direct
recruitment and prevent brokers from exploiting workers in our recruitment
processes. We focus on gaining trust of workers that ethical recruitment is
possible and give workers confidence.

Listening from candidates: we believe in our candidates and clients during the recruitment process so we are arranging freelancer hearing from
candidates from top management.

Hotline: we develop a hotline connected directly with freelance third part
ethical monitoring team also candidates can write and share their experience
during the recruitment process directly to the clients or 3rd party auditors




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