Corporate Social Responsibility



Blood Drive Program

We do blood drive program two times every year in collaboration with Nepal Red Cross Society with the slogan
“Give Blood Save Life”.

Child Education Program:

We do everything we can to educate the children of our society. We are supporting construction of school buildings & computer education for several schools on remote area of the Himalayas country Nepal

Cleaning River

No matter how clean a river might look, pollution is an ever present threat. Campaigns to clean the river have often quickly fizzled out. So we participate in the clean & green city Kathmandu program. and attracts hundreds of people who are willing to brave the polluted waters to fish out trash.

Our Action Against Climate Change:

It is time for Mother Nature, due to the day-to-day increase in Global Warming, we are focused on the Plantation of Greeneries in our surroundings. So we brought concepts of plantation according to our candidates fly’s to the overseas for the job. 1 candidates = 1 plant According to our average ratio of candidates flying overseas for the job in a year from our company is 3000 Now this year we are planning for 6000 according to our plan we will be planting 6000 plants in this year in the name of companies & candidate




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