Recruitment Process

10 Step Recruitment Process

1. Client Scope
Details of the project is discussed with the Recruiting Managers with specific regard to the skills required.

2. Pre Labour Approval
After receiving the authorized demand letter, the documents are presented for pre labour approval. The Department of Labour in Nepal analyses the documents and approves it for further processing.

3. Advertising
Project requirement is then advertised through various means such as the National Weekly Newspaper, via the internet etc in order to fulfill the crieteria.

4. Pre Selection
Pre selection is done by Recruiting Managers and able candidates are briefed about the company in advance and their documents collected.

5. Client Interview
Our clients then have an option to select the pre selected candidates via Skype or they can travel to Nepal to select the candidates personally.

6. Medical Examination
This is to ensure that the selected candidate is fit to work and is not suffering from any health issues that may
hamper the work he/she’s been selected for

7. Visa Processing
We then send all the relevant documents such as passport copy, documents, experience certificates , medical certificate  to the employer for processing the visas.

8. Candidate Orientation
After receiving the job offer or employment visa, the candidates have to attend an orientation programe conducted by the Govt. of Nepal. This orientation provides information about the law and order, immigration
policy and do’s and don’ts about that certain country.

9. Final Labour Approval
Once the visa is issued all the necessary documents of the candidates are presented to the Labour Department of Nepal for final approval and immigration clearance.

10. Travel Arrangement
After the final approval is given by the Labour Dept. we request the concerned company to make travel arrangements.

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